Anna Gunn

Anna Gunn was born in America. Her most famous role is Skyler White on The AMC Drama Breaking Bad, for which she was awarded the Primetime Emmy Award in 2013 and in 2014 for Outstanding supporting actress in a Drama Series. Other roles she has played include Jean Ward in The Practice as well as Martha Bullock from Deadwood. Anna Gunn, born 1968 in Sante Fe New Mexico fell in Love with Acting in The Preparatory School before moving with the family there to Ohio. She went to Northwestern University to study theatre and also spent time at the British American Drama Academy. Anna began her journey with Chicago-area theaters over a number of years. Then she moved to film and television. In 1992, Anna landed her first big character in the role of Arden in the 29th episode of Down the Shore. From the start of her career, she was a frequent guest in TV and film in shows like Seinfeld as well as NYPD Blue. Martha Bullock was her role in Deadwood in two full seasons. Skyler played her character on Breaking Bad. Gunn also appeared in the Deadwood movie and Sully. Gunn was on stage to play the role of David Schwimmer in Sex With Strangers. She also appeared in Numbered Day, a podcast comprising four audio plays. Breaking Bad's plot is typically focused on the relationship between Walter White, his wife Skyler and their relationship that is strained. The tension in their relationship and the its eventual ending resemble the final years in Walter White's life.

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